Finance bill 2021 may not earn unanimous approval, but it signals new system of governance
28/11/2020 12:33, TUNIS/Tunisia

5TAP) - The finance bill for the year 2021 (FB2021) may not win unanimous approval from all parties concerned, but this divergence is a reality that reflects constructive dialogue and indicates a new system of governance in Tunisia, said Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi.

in his statement to MPs on the start of the budget debate and the discussion of the finance bill by parliament, Mechichi noted that the new system is based on pluralism and partnership, far from unrealistic figures and assumptions.

He added: "today we are responsible for the situation faced by the country and even if we are not responsible for the outcome of policies that have failed, we have to take responsibility or even repair their negative consequences.

For him, the finance bill for the year 2021 presented to the House of People's Representatives (HPR) is only an encrypted version revealing the negative impacts of these policies and their deplorable effects.

He affirmed that there are no problems without solutions and that part of these solutions has been courageously proposed by the government in the finance bill for the year 2021.

He described the finance bill 2021 as the law of true figures reflecting the daily reality of the Tunisian people and Tunisian businesses.

He pointed out that it was drawn up at the end of a catastrophic year not only for Tunisia but also for the major international economies.

However, what makes the situation more complicated for Tunisia is the accumulation that has deteriorated the financial situation even before COVID-19, he further said.

The government projects a negative growth rate of 7% in 2020, a rate that the economy of modern Tunisia has never seen, not to mention the fall in State's own resources by 5.6 billion dinars.

Mechichi reported the increase in spending especially the 1.1 billion dinars on COVID-19 which led to an increase in the deficit by 11.4% of GDP, or 12.6 billion dinars, not to mention rising unemployment (16.2%).

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