UGTT announces general strike in public sector on June 16 [Upd 1]
31/05/2022 15:52, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) has announced a general strike in the public sector on Thursday, June 16, reads a strike note of UGTT on Tuesday.

The UGTT called for nullifying circular n°20 of December 9, 2021 related to negotiations with the unions, and apply, instead, all the agreements signed with the government.

The UGTT also called for immediately holding wage negotiations, revolving around improving purchasing power under 2021, 2022 and 2023, the same source said.

The trade union stressed the need to reform state enterprises so that they fulfill their economic and social role as well as avoid partial or total privatisation, under the agreement signed between the government and the UGTT on October 22, 2018.

The UGTT also called for suspending solidarity contributions estimated at 1% deduction of citizens’ salaries, the same source added.

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