"It is Tunisia's duty to stand by the Palestinian people," says President Kais Saied
09/10/2023 19:01, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - "It is Tunisia's duty to stand by the Palestinian people in the cause of liberation they are fighting to regain their full rights," stressed President Kais Saied as he chaired a working session on ways to support the Palestinian people in the presence of Prime Minister Ahmed Hachani and several members of the government at Carthage Palace on Monday. "We prefer others to ourselves, even when we are in need."

Saied stressed, according to a video released by the Presidency of the Republic, "the need for real support for the Palestinian people, not just through statements and positions".

He pointed out that the aim of this meeting was to emphasise "that support for Palestine is not limited to statements, but by determining the possibilities available to Tunisia".

President Saied recalled that in the 1930s, before the decision to divide Palestine and seize part of its territory, there were associations in Tunisia dedicated to supporting the Palestinian people and their just cause.

The Head of State considered that the fact that some media only refer to the "Gaza envelope", without mentioning Palestine, "contains fallacies aimed at omitting the name of Palestine and removing it from Arab thought". He criticised the use of terms such as "bursts" when talking about the Palestinian resistance and "bombing" when talking about the Zionist enemy, saying in this regard "bombing for bombing and raid for raid".

In a statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic on the evening of October 7, Tunisia expressed its full and unconditional support for the Palestinian people, stressing that it is the right of the Palestinian people to regain their land and establish their independent state on it with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.

It called on all living consciences in the world to stand by the Palestinian people, to remember the massacres perpetrated by the Zionist enemy against the Arab people of Palestine and the entire nation, and to recognise the right of legitimate resistance to the occupation and not to consider this resistance as aggression and escalation.

Tunisia also called on the international community to assume its historical responsibility to put an end to the brutal occupation of all of Palestine and to prevent the Zionist occupation forces from continuing to violate the rights of the Palestinian people in total disregard of all religious teachings and human values.

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