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Bouden/Renaud-Basso talk: Partnership relations between Tunisia and EBRD reviewed
17/01/2023 11:57, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP)-Prime Minister Najla Bouden on Tuesday in Davos, had a talk with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) President Odile...
WEF 2023: Saied meets Bouden, Namsia and El Abassi
16/01/2023 18:56, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The participation of the Tunisian delegation to the World Economic Forum in Davos was at the heart of a meeting between President Kais Saied,...
Dbeibah commends Tunisia's decision to remove 1260 Libyans from suspected identical names list
16/01/2023 18:12, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - Prime Minister of the Libyan Government of National Unity (GNU), Abdel Hamid Dbeibah welcomed Monday in Misrata (Libya) the decision of the...
262 candidates in 2nd round of legislative elections
15/01/2023 14:26, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - President of the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE), Farouk Bouasker, said at a press conference held Sunday at the Convention...
Food balance deficit soars 50%, to 2,920.2 MD at end December 2022 (ONAGRI)
13/01/2023 18:13, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The food trade balance posted a deficit of 2,920.2 million dinars (MD) at the end of December 2022, up 50% compared to 2021 (1942.1 MD), the...
Foreign Minister delivers remarks to "Voice of Global South Summit" January 12-13 in India
13/01/2023 00:03, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - Achieving the priorities of the South requires concerted action and close coordination with international partners, said Minister of Foreign...
Trade balance shows deficit of TND 25,216 million by end of 2022 (INS)
11/01/2023 14:58, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The trade balance showed a deficit of TND 25,216 million at the end of 2022, against TND 16,210.7 million in 2021, the National Institute of...
Staff-level agreement with IMF "still relevant" (Finance Minister)
10/01/2023 17:57, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The staff-level agreement between Tunisia and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a loan of 1.9 billion dollars is "still relevant,"...
Successful heart transplant performed at Rabta Hospital in Tunis
09/01/2023 10:40, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - Medical and paramedical teams on Saturday successfully performed a heart transplant. This is the 21st successful heart transplant performed...
FTDES calls on government to speed up adoption of water code
08/01/2023 19:14, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES) called on the government to accelerate the adoption of the pending water code to...
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