Co-operation in industrial sector between France and Arab countries should be further boosted (UTICA's Majoul)
07/12/2018 13:55, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – The organisation of a special forum to review the necessary ways for a technology transfer and co-operation in the industrial sector between France and Arab countries were recommended by President of the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA) Samir Majoul, on the occasion of his participation in the 3rd edition of the France-Arab Countries Forum, organised on Thursday in Paris by the French-Arab Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Union of Arab Chambers.

Majoul affirmed that the number and quality of participants in the forum shows the clear willingness of politicians and businessmen both in France and in the Arab countries to constantly work together to foster this privileged relation binding the two sides, the UTICA specified in press release on Friday.

The forum, he indicated, will certainly give priority to sectors of shared importance and interest for both sides, notably in the fields of water, agro-food, agriculture, energy, building and public works and infrastructure.

Evoking the food security issue, Majoul pointed out the need to bring to the fore the Arab countries’ growing demand of foodstuff and the need to secure their supply, insisting, notably, on the importance of technology transfer in this field.

The official laid emphasis on the importance to exploit the new investment opportunities in Tunisia, step up the creation of enterprises and jobs and encourage the triangular partners (France-Arab countries-Tunisia) to access the African market that is full of opportunities.

As regards the Tunisian-French co-operation, Majoul said that the assets are numerous to consider a positive future between France and Tunisia, specifying that France is Tunisia’s first economic partner as over 1,400 enterprises with about 140,000 workers are based in the country generating an investment of about 6.5 billion dinars and prospects are promising.

The Tunisian-French partnership is a win-win high-added-value partnership, based on co-localisation, and the sectors to be developed in this approach are numerous, the most important are the mechanical and electrical industries, aeronautics, the digital, agro-business, services, automotive industry, energy and building and public works.

The third edition of the France-Arab Countries Forum aims to foster the economic relations between France and all Arab countries. It gathered some 250 participants, numerous Arab delegations and SMEs and major French groupings.

Four sector-based roundtables to debate topics on “Water, energy, sustainable development and intelligent cities,” “Agriculture, agro-industry, fisheries,” “Infrastructure” and “Investments: French-Arab prospects on investment vehicles and conditions” are on agenda.

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