In-camera hearing of Interior Minister by HPR Security and Defence Committee
07/01/2019 13:56, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) -The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) Security and Defence Committee began Monday an in-camera hearing of Interior Minister Hichem Fourati on the recent terrorist attacks in Tunisia, including the Sbiba operation in the governorate of Kasserine and the rise in the crime rate in Tunisia.

Committee chairman Abdellatif Mekki said the deputies want to know the developments in the latest terrorist attacks, including the Sbiba operation which had been perpetrated in December 2018 and during which a banking agency had been robbed and a citizen (Khaled Ghozlani) killed.

"These terrorist operations were aimed at demoralising the security forces and the army," he considered.

However, some MPs opposed the in-camera hearing of the Minister such as Ali Bannour (National Coalition) and Taoufik Jomli (Allegiance to the Homeland), who called for media access to this meeting.

According to the rule 76 of the Parliament's rules of procedure, the committee’s meetings are public and may be held in camera at the request of a majority of the committee members.

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