CONECT calls for development of legal framework for parapharmacies' activities
15/05/2019 17:34, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The Confederation of Tunisian Citizen Enterprises (CONECT), on Wednesday, called for the development of a legal framework to organise parapharmacies' activities.

During a hearing session at the Committee on Health and Social Affairs of the House of People's Representatives (HPRP), the president of the group of parapharmaceutical and paramedical companies, Ismail Ben Salah spoke of the need to draw up specifications governing the activities of companies operating in the parapharmaceutical products sector, insisting on the development of a legal framework governing the activities of professionals in this sector.

He considered that the regulation of the sector will make it possible to define responsibilities, on the basis of competence and according to the complementarity between the profession of pharmacist and parapharmacist, stating that "the organisation of this sector is now a priority, in view of its sustained development".

For his part, Abderraouf Fekih, a member of CONECT, pointed to the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry in Tunisia, mainly related to bureaucracy, saying THE legislation governing the sector "hinders the growth of companies".

He called for the creation of the national medicines agency as a public structure in charge of managing the medicines sector in Tunisia.

In turn, CONECT President Tarek Cherif stated that "the promulgation of any law on the organisation of the pharmaceutical professions should be based on supporting the attractiveness of investment in the sector, as well as promoting the export of medicines abroad.

The members of the Health and Social Affairs Committee at the HPR stressed that this hearing session is part of a series of meetings that will be held to revise Act No. 44-46 of 2019 amending Act No. 73 on the organisation of the pharmaceutical professions.

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