Kasserine: soldier killed Saturday night was victim of terrorist act (official source)
06/11/2016 14:39, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The soldier martyred on Saturday night in the town of Kheraifia, governorate of Kasserine, is a corporal aged 26, said an official source in the locality, who requested anonymity.

"Nearly 20 terrorists stormed the home of the martyr, near Mount Mghilla on Saturday at around 7 p.m. and riddled him with bullets until death," the source told TAP correspondent, saying the martyr had shown resistance and tried to defend himself.

The terrorists, who fled after the terrorist act, have left a bag of food and a shirt belonging, according to the testimony of local residents, to the cousin of the martyr who had recently joined terrorist groups holed up in Mount Mghilla, said the same source.

Safe reinforcements were deployed in the town and surrounding areas, and search operations were launched, said Saturday, a military source in the corresponding TAP. The military and security forces continued until Sunday morning tracking down terrorists, found the corresponding TAP.

Heavy security reinforcements were deployed in the town and neighbouring areas and search operations were launched, a military source told TAP correspondent on Saturday.

Police and military forces continued their tracking down of terrorists until Sunday morning, noted TAP correspondent.

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