Italian Cultural Institute of Tunisia to host “Beyond Borders.Transnational Italy” exhibition on December 7-22
04/12/2017 15:52, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – The “Beyond Borders. Transnational Italy” exhibition will be held on December 7-22 in the Italian Cultural Institute of Tunisia (IICTunisi).

The exhibition, organised by the “Transnationalising Modern Languages (TML) and the (IICTunisi), evokes the translation practices and the identification process through the Italian language and culture in the world and the daily life of Italians, immigrants and second generation youths in Italy.

The result of a research project initiated by TML, the exhibition proposes the works of 12 researchers and a photographer on examples of the geographic, historic and linguistic mobility of the Italian spirit in Italy, Great Britain, United States of America, South America, Ethiopia and Libya.

Texts, artworks, objects, pictures, interviews on stories and memories of the Italian spirit and its everyday forms will be exhibited as part of an interactive approach with the visitors.

The exhibition is aiming to attract a large public in addition to the researchers and Italian language students. It called on the public to interact with the project’s objects and installations that were developed in collaboration with the Italian cultural association “Routes Agency.”

Visitors will have the opportunity to interact multimedia installations such as a metaphorical house representing the language and culture in everyday life.

Photographer Mario Badagliacca will exhibit through his work “Italy is out” pictures of mobility trajectories and objects of several Italian generations in London, New York, Buenos Aires and Addis-Ababa.

In Tunisia, the exhibition will be accompanied by a set of initiatives on Tunisia’s multilingual and multicultural context as envisaged by Researcher for the TML project at the Liverpool University Barbara Spadaro.

Workshops will be held with “Routes Agency” and photographer Mario Badagliacca in collaboration with the Manouba University and Rayhana association for Jendouba’s women.

Multimedia interactive installations will be produced by participants in the workshops as a response to the TML project and will be the focus of a new exhibition that will be held on February 2018 at the IICTunisi.

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