March through capital claiming right to equality in inheritance
10/03/2018 22:52, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – A large number of politicians, human rights activists, academics, journalists, citizens, representatives of organisations, parties and deputies of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) demonstrated Saturday in Tunis to claim the right to equality in inheritance.

The march, organised by the Tunisian coalition for equality of inheritance with a slogan "equality in inheritance a right not a favour", started from Bab Saadoun towards the Bardo square outsite the HPR.

The protesters claimed in statements to TAP the promulgation of a law on inheritance law, in accordance with the provisions of the 2014 constitution which recognised full equality between the two sexes.

For Fatma Jegham, member of the coalition, "the main demand of this national march is the introduction in the constitution of the equality in inheritance between the sexes after years of struggle for the Tunisian woman to obtain all her rights" .

President of the Tunisian Observatory of Economic and Social Rights Massaoud Romdhani stressed that this demand for equality "is legitimate and must be translated into reality by respect for the constitution of the country which must clearly specify total equality between the citizens, because of Tunisia's international commitments to end discrimination against women and in harmony with the country's emblematic history in granting women's rights. "

For her part, MP Leila Hamrouni (Machrou Tounes) said that this movement is "a mobilisation to achieve the rights of women, especially in the poor layers who are unable to recover half of their rights because of traditions that grant inheritance in totality to men ".

In turn, Hamma Hammami, spokesman of the Popular Front, reaffirmed the need "to achieve full equality between men and women in all areas, including inheritance." "It is a shame for men before women that sexual discrimination persists in Tunisia," he added.

A small group of people were present at the Bardo square to express their rejection of equal inheritance. One of the women present told TAP that she "rejects the equality of the inheritance because it is an attack on the sacred Koran and the Muslim religion".

President Republic Béji Caid Essebsi said last August that it is "possible and recommended to gradually amend" the law on inheritance to achieve perfect equality between men and women.

He expressed confidence that Tunisian jurists will continue the reform drive and will find the appropriate formulas that do not oppose religious precepts or constitutional principles, to allow the introduction of equality of inheritance.

"It is now necessary to reform the Personal Status Code in several of its components to achieve equality between citizens in accordance with the teachings of Islam and Article 21 of the new Tunisian Constitution", he said.

In this sense, the President of the Republic pointed out that more and more Tunisian families are adopting equality in the inheritance by opting for the donation of the living parents. "We must welcome this new orientation and encourage it under the doctrine calling for the effort of reflection (al-Ijtihad)," he recommended.

He also called for the revision of Circular 73 concerning the marriage of Tunisian women with non-Muslims; legislation which, he said, constitutes "an obstacle to freedom to choose one's spouse". In this regard, he referred to article 6 of the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of belief, conscience and the exercise of religion and makes the State responsible for protecting them.

The head of state also announced the creation of a commission of individual freedoms and equality within the presidency of the Republic. It will be responsible for preparing a report on the reforms related to this issue.

   The latter announced the postponement of its final report in June following the municipal elections.

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