Canaries volcano blasts lava into the air as ash blankets area
23/09/2021 10:17, La Palma/Spain
(TAP) - The Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma shot lava into the air in loud bursts on Thursday morning while toxic ash blanketed...
Melbourne anti-lockdown protests fizzle out as daily cases hit pandemic high
23/09/2021 10:16, Melbourne/Australia
(TAP) - Melbourne's streets were largely quiet on Thursday after three days of anti-lockdown protests, with hundreds of police officers on patrol in...
FACTBOX-Latest on worldwide spread of coronavirus
23/09/2021 10:16, Washington/United States
(TAP) - The United States, Japan and Italy have pledged more shots to the rest of the world after leaders from developing nations warned that vaccine...
France denies report it would offer up its UN seat
22/09/2021 09:22, Paris/France
(TAP) - France on Wednesday flatly denied a report published on Wednesday in Britain's Daily Telegraph saying President Emmanuel Macron was willing...
Brazil reports 485 COVID deaths in 24 hours
22/09/2021 09:21, Brasilia/Brazil
(TAP) - Brazil reported 485 new deaths from COVID-19 over the past 24 hours, bringing the total toll from the coronavirus in the country to 591,440,...
Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes near Melbourne
22/09/2021 09:20, Melbourne/Australia
(TAP) - An earthquake of magnitude 6.0 struck near Melbourne in Australia on Wednesday, Geoscience Australia said on Wednesday. The quake's epicentre...
Sudan's military says coup attempt foiled
21/09/2021 09:15, Khartoum/Sudan
(TAP) - A coup attempt was foiled in Sudan, the country's military said on Tuesday. The situation is under control, the military added in a statement...
More evacuations as lava pours from Canaries volcano
21/09/2021 09:13, La Palma/Spain
(TAP) - Lava pouring from the Canary Islands' first volcanic eruption in 50 years has forced authorities to evacuate another part of El Paso on the...
FACTBOX-Latest on worldwide spread of coronavirus
21/09/2021 09:12, Melbourne/Australia
(TAP) - Protest erupted in Australia's Melbourne after virus worries shut down construction sites, while the United States plans to reopen in...
Scientists in Singapore transform fruit leftovers into antibacterial bandages
20/09/2021 10:36, Singapore/Singapore
(TAP) - Scientists at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore are tackling food waste by turning discarded durian husks into...
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