Embassy of Pakistan in Tunis observes Kashmir Solidarity Day
06/02/2019 10:46, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The Embassy of Pakistan in Tunis observed on Tuesday, February 5, the Kashmir Solidarity Day, organising a commemorative event on the occasion in solidarity with the innocent Kashmiri people.

Ambassador of Pakistan to Tunisia Mohamed Hassan presented the country's vision of the 71-year-old dispute with India over the territory in the far north of the Indian subcontinent known as Jammu Kashmir.

In a brief address to a number of academics and men of culture and media, Hassan said that the solidarity day with the people of Kashmir aims to show the Pakistani support and unity with the Indian-occupied Kashmir and their continuous struggle and to pay tribute to Kashmiri martyrs.

Kashmir has been “since 1947 under the Indian occupation," and continue to be deprived of the fundamental right to self-determination in contradiction to a number of UN Security Council’s resolutions, he pointed out.

This solidarity day is a reminder that Kashmir is not only a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan but also a question of fundamental rights of the native population and their future.

A peaceful settlement to the long-lived crisis is indeed required under the umbrella of the United Nations.

The ambassador indicated that the people of the region and as a sign of the humanitarian dimension of their cause are taking the Palestinian resistance as a model for their struggle to obtain their rights, often wearing the "Palestinian keffiyeh" as an expression.

Since 1989, 1,00000 Kashmiri people have been killed in the conflict, thousands have been arrested, over 1,40000 have been destroyed, more than 1,60000 children orphaned and over 24,000 widowed, according to a report on human rights violations in the province.

The ambassador underlined that “during all these years, the people and government of Pakistan have provided unflinching moral, diplomatic and political support to the oppressed people of Kashmir and will continue to do so till they get their inalienable rights.”

He specified that his country “calls upon the international community to urge India to respect the Human Rights Charter, put an immediate end to the human rights violations and ensure the resolution of the Jammu § Kashmir dispute in accordance with the UNSC resolutions.”

The Kashmir crisis dates back to October 27, 1947, when India and Pakistan became two independent countries.

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