Hong Kong police, protesters exchange tear gas, petrol bombs
20/10/2019 10:23, Hong Kong /China

(TAP)- Hong Kong police fired tear gas at protesters throwing petrol bombs on Sunday as thousands staged an illegal march through the Kowloon district that will test the strength of the pro-democracy campaign after four months of unrest.*

Police inside the Tsim Sha Tsui police station fired volleys of tear gas and used a loudspeaker to call on protesters in the street below to disperse.

Hardcore black-clad protesters threw petrol bombs at the station’s iron gate and several inside the compound.

Later a police water canon truck arrived to spray jets of blue-dye into the crowd, sending hundreds fleeing. Police have used the blue dye to identify protesters.

Three van loads of riot police then marched down the street.

Elsewhere along the march route, protesters trashed shops and metro stations and set fires.

Hong Kong has been battered by months of often massive and violent protests over concerns that Beijing is tightening its grip on the city, the worst political crisis since Britain handed the city back to China in 1997.

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