Smog causes an estimated 49,000 deaths in Beijing, Shanghai in 2020
09/07/2020 09:56, Beijing/China
(TAP) - Air pollution has caused an estimated 49,000 deaths and $23 billion in economic losses in the cities of Beijing and Shanghai alone since Jan....
Russia detains governor, accuses him of murdering entrepreneurs
09/07/2020 09:53, Moscow/Russian Federation
(TAP) - Russian security forces detained the governor of a far eastern region on Thursday and accused him of orchestrating the murder of a string of...
FACTBOX-Latest on worldwide spread of coronavirus
09/07/2020 09:49, Washington/United States
(TAP) - New Jersey adopted a stringent coronavirus face-mask order on Wednesday, and New York City unveiled a plan to allow public school students...
Kanye West breaks ranks with Trump, vows to win U.S. presidential race- Forbes
08/07/2020 09:52, washington/United States
(TAP) - Rapper Kanye West signaled that he no longer supported U.S. President Donald Trump and said he had entered the presidential race to win it,...
Hundreds of drones light up Seoul night sky with coronavirus advice
08/07/2020 09:51, Seoul/Republic of Korea
(TAP) - Three hundred drones took to the evening sky over the Han River in South Korea to dispense coronavirus prevention advice through a...
Death toll from NLC India boiler blast rises to 13
08/07/2020 09:50, Tamil Nadu /India
(TAP) - NLC India said on Wednesday the death toll from a boiler blast at the lignite miner and electricity generator's plant in the southern Tamil...
UAE says it will test 2 million people for COVID-19 as cases rise
07/07/2020 09:54, Dubai/United Arab Emirates
(TAP) - The United Arab Emirates plans to test two million people, or about 20% of the population, for the novel coronavirus over the next two months...
FACTBOX-Worldwide coronavirus cases cross 11.64 million, death toll at 536,693
07/07/2020 09:52, Washington/United States
(TAP) - More than 11.64 million people have been reported to be infected by the novel coronavirus globally and 536,693​ have died, according to a...
Gunmen kill prominent Iraqi analyst and advisor
07/07/2020 09:51, Baghdad/Iraq
(TAP) - Gunmen in Baghdad shot dead a well-known former government advisor and political analyst near his home on Monday in a rare high-profile...
City in China's Inner Mongolia warns after suspected bubonic plague case
06/07/2020 16:14, BEIJING/China
(TAP) - Authorities in a city in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia issued a warning on Sunday, one day after a hospital reported a case of...
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