Cargo ship Rubymar damaged by two missiles, crew evacuated - security team
19/02/2024 11:58, Sanaa/Yemen
(TAP) - The Belize-flagged cargo ship Rubymar sustained damaged after two missiles were fired at the vessel from Yemen although the crew were able to...
Dozens killed in tribal fighting in Papua New Guinea - ABC
19/02/2024 09:31, SYDNEY/Australia
(TAP) - At least 26 people were killed in tribal fighting in the northern highlands of Papua New Guinea, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)...
World Court to hear arguments on Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories
19/02/2024 09:30, THE HAGUE/Netherlands
(TAP) - The United Nations' top court on Monday opens a week of hearings on the legal consequences of Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories,...
Yemen's Houthis say Rubymar cargo ship targeted, could sink
19/02/2024 09:27, DUBAI/United Arab Emirates
(TAP) -Yemen’s Houthis targeted the Rubymar cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden and it is now at risk of sinking, the group’s military spokesperson Yahya...
Pakistan's majority parties struggle to form coalition government
19/02/2024 09:24, ISLAMABAD/Pakistan
(TAP) - Pakistan's two major parties are set to meet on Monday to try and bridge differences over forming a minority coalition government after an...
Returning sea migrants to Libya is illegal, Italy's top court says
18/02/2024 17:12, ROME/Italy
(TAP) - Italy's top appeals court has established that sending sea migrants back to Libya is unlawful, a ruling hailed by charities and human rights...
Gaza's second-largest hospital 'completely out of service', health ministry says
18/02/2024 11:17, CAIRO/Egypt
(TAP) - The Gaza Strip's second-largest hospital has been put "completely out of service", a spokesperson for the Gaza health ministry said on...
UN likely to vote Tuesday on Gaza ceasefire, US signals veto
18/02/2024 11:15, New York/United Nations
(TAP) - The United Nations Security Council is likely to vote on Tuesday on an Algerian push for the 15-member body to demand an immediate...
Sudan's army claims first major advance
17/02/2024 12:48, Omdurman/Sudan
(TAP) - The Sudanese army has claimed its first major advance in 10 months of war, regaining control of part of the city of Omdurman from the Rapid...
At least 212 people detained across Russia at rallies in memory of Navalny -rights group
17/02/2024 12:45, Moscow/Russian Federation
(TAP) - At least 212 people were detained at events in Russia on Friday and Saturday in memory of Alexei Navalny, Russian President Vladimir Putin's...
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