Most of Iranian drones flying over Syria were downed by Israel, intelligence sources say
14/04/2024 09:40, Tehran/Iran, Islamic Republic of
(TAP) - Most of the Iranian drones flying over Syria's airspace during Tehran's strikes overnight were downed by Israeli and U.S. jets before...
Hamas says Iran's attack on Israel was 'natural right'
14/04/2024 09:25, Tehran/Iran, Islamic Republic of
(TAP) - Palestinian group Hamas defended Iran's attack on Israel that began on Saturday. "We in Hamas regard the military operation conducted by the...
Iran launches drone attack at Israel, expected to unfold 'over hours'
13/04/2024 21:35, Al Quds/Palestine
(TAP) - Iran launched dozens of drones at Israel on Saturday but they will take hours to reach their targets, Israel's military said, an attack that...
Iran will bear consequences for any escalation, Israeli military says
13/04/2024 12:30, Tehran/Iran, Islamic Republic of
(TAP) - Iran will bear consequences if it escalates violence in the region, an Israeli military spokesperson said on Saturday. "Iran will bear the...
Vessel seized in Strait of Hormuz amid Iran tensions, shipping firms say
13/04/2024 12:28, Tehran/Iran, Islamic Republic of
(TAP) - A vessel has been seized by "regional authorities" between the United Arab Emirates and Iran, maritime security agencies said on Saturday,...
33,686 Palestinians killed in Gaza offensive since Oct. 7, health ministry says
13/04/2024 12:16, Gaza /Palestine
(TAP) - Israel's military offensive in the Gaza Strip has killed at least 33,686 Palestinians and wounded 76,309 since Oct. 7, the Palestinian...
Man shot in Sydney's Bondi after reports of stabbings, police say
13/04/2024 09:32, SYDNEY/Australia
SYDNEY, April 13 (TAP) - A man was shot at a mall in Sydney's beachside suburb of Bondi on Saturday after reports of multiple people stabbed, police...
Gunmen kill 9 men after abduction in southwest Pakistan, say police
13/04/2024 09:22, QUETTA/Pakistan
QUETTA, Pakistan, April 13 (TAP) - Gunmen shot and killed nine men after abducting them from a bus in a troubled province in southwestern Pakistan...
Earthquake of magnitude 5.5 strikes Tibet, says GFZ
13/04/2024 09:18, Tibet/China
April 13 (TAP) - An earthquake of magnitude 5.5 struck Tibet in western China on Saturday, the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) said. The...
Chinese military willing to raise strategic trust level with Vietnam
12/04/2024 09:37, Beijing /China
(TAP) - China's defence minister told his Vietnam counterpart that China is willing to bring the strategic mutual trust between the two militaries to...
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