Irish police start to dismantle Dublin's migrant ‘tent city’
01/05/2024 09:21, DUBLIN/Ireland
DUBLIN, May 1 (TAP) - Irish police started dismantling about 200 tents housing asylum seekers in Dublin early on Wednesday, tackling what has become...
Clashes erupt on UCLA campus between pro-Palestinian and counter protesters
01/05/2024 09:20, LOS ANGELES/United States
LOS ANGELES, May 1 (TAP) - Violent clashes erupted on Wednesday on the University of California campus in Los Angeles between pro-Palestinian...
Gunmen kill at least 5 in attack on mosque in Afghanistan
30/04/2024 12:54, Kabul/Afghanistan
(TAP) - Gunmen attacked a mosque in western Afghanistan on Monday night during prayer time, killing at least five people, a spokesperson for the...
Pro-Palestinian protesters occupy building at Columbia University - CNN
30/04/2024 12:54, New York /United States
(TAP) - Pro-Palestinian protesters at Columbia University were occupying a building on the New York City campus on Tuesday as officials limited...
Indonesia's Ruang volcano erupts again, alert status at highest
30/04/2024 09:34, JAKARTA/Indonesia
JAKARTA, April 30 (TAP) - Indonesia's Ruang volcano spewed "explosive" flows of incandescent lava into the night sky on Tuesday as lightning flashes...
Hamas, Fatah express political will on realising reconciliation through talks, says Chinese foreign ministry
30/04/2024 09:31, BEIJING/China
BEIJING, April 30 (TAP) - Hamas and Fatah expressed political will on realising reconciliation through dialogue, China's foreign ministry said on...
Russian strike kills at least two in Ukraine's Kharkiv, say officials
30/04/2024 09:29, KYIV/Ukraine
KYIV, April 30 (TAP) - A Russian strike killed at least two people and wounded six more in the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Tuesday,...
34,535 Palestinians killed Israeli military offensive on Gaza since Oct. 7, Gaza health ministry says
30/04/2024 09:28, DUBAI/United Arab Emirates
DUBAI, April 30 (TAP) - More than 34,535 Palestinians have been killed and 77,704 have been wounded in the Israeli military offensive in Gaza since...
34,488 Palestinians killed and 77,643 injured in Zionist military offensive on Gaza since Oct. 7 - Gaza health ministry
29/04/2024 14:59, Gaza/Palestine
(TAP) - At least 34,488 Palestinians have been killed and 77,643 were injured in the Zionist military offensive on Gaza since Oct. 7, a statement by...
Container ship reportedly targeted with missiles near Yemen's Mokha, Ambrey says
29/04/2024 14:58, Mokha/Yemen
(TAP) - A Malta-flagged container ship was reportedly targeted with three missiles while on route from Djibouti to the Saudi city of Jeddah, British...
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