22,722 Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes since Oct. 7 - Gaza health ministry
06/01/2024 12:34, CAIRO/Egypt
(TAP) - At least 122 Palestinians have been killed and 256 others injured over the past 24 hours in Gaza, its health ministry said in a statement on...
FACTBOX-Bangladesh holds general election on Sunday
06/01/2024 09:27, DHAKA/Bangladesh
(TAP) - Bangladesh holds a general election on Sunday, with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina set to win a fourth straight term and the fifth overall for...
Japan earthquake death toll tops 100 with hundreds still missing -media
06/01/2024 09:26, WAJIMA/Japan
(TAP) - The death toll from Japan's New Year's Day earthquake topped 100 on Saturday with more than 200 people still missing, the country's deadliest...
Hezbollah says it hit Israeli observation post with 62 rockets
06/01/2024 09:24, CAIRO/Egypt
(TAP) - Lebanese armed group Hezbollah said it hit a key Israeli observation post early on Saturday with 62 rockets as a "preliminary response" to...
Russia to produce over 32,000 drones each year by 2030 -TASS
06/01/2024 09:23, MOSCOW/Russian Federation
(TAP) - Russia plans to produce more than 32,000 drones each year by 2030 and for domestic producers to account for 70% of the market, the TASS news...
India sends warship after hijacking of Liberian-flagged vessel in Arabian Sea
05/01/2024 09:16, NEW DELHI/India
(TAP) - An Indian Navy warship was moving towards a hijacked Liberian-flagged vessel in the Arabian Sea, and aircraft were closely monitoring the...
Israeli to launch more targeted assault on Hamas, as shelling pounds Gaza refugee camps
05/01/2024 09:15, CAIRO/GAZA/Palestine
(TAP) -Israel announced a more targeted approach in hunting down Hamas fighters and their leaders as its aerial assault pounded the Gaza Strip,...
Iranian general vows revenge at funeral for victims of bomb attack - state media
05/01/2024 09:12, TEHRAN/Iran, Islamic Republic of
(TAP) - The commander-in-chief of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said at the funeral on Friday for the victims of twin Islamic State...
Artillery shells from restive Myanmar region hit southwest China town - Global Times
04/01/2024 10:07, BEIJING/China
(TAP) - Five people in a Chinese town near Myanmar were wounded on Wednesday by stray artillery shells from across the border, according to China's...
14 Palestinians killed including 9 children in strikes west of Gaza's Khan Younis - health ministry official
04/01/2024 10:01, GAZA/Palestine
(TAP) - Fourteen Palestinians were killed on Thursday, including nine children, in Israeli strikes on Al- Mawasi west of Gaza's Khan Younis, a health...
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