Sudan should free protestors, investigate use of force -UN's Bachelet
12/04/2019 09:11, GENEVA/Switzerland
(TAP) - Sudanese authorities should release people held for peacefully protesting and investigate the use of force against demonstrations since...
EU stands together to avoid no-deal Brexit, German minister says
12/04/2019 09:08, BERLIN/Germany
(TAP) - The latest European Union decision to grant Britain a further Brexit extension shows that European leaders are able to find a common...
Bomb in market kills 16 in southwest Pakistan, half of them ethnic Hazaras
12/04/2019 09:06, QUETTA/Pakistan
(TAP) - A bomb hidden among bags of potatoes at a Pakistani market killed at least 16 people, half of them ethnic Hazaras, officials said, in an...
Furore over 'black hole' photo forces China's largest image provider to shut
12/04/2019 09:05, SHANGHAI/China
(TAP) - China's largest stock images provider, Visual China Group, shut its website and apologised on Friday after it falsely claimed copyright of...
Demanding civilian government, thousands defy military curfew in Sudan
12/04/2019 09:02, KHARTOUM/Sudan
(TAP) - Thousands of Sudanese demonstrators camped outside the defence ministry in Khartoum to push for a civilian government, defying a curfew and...
Sudan's Bashir forced to step down, sources say
11/04/2019 11:09, Khartoum/Sudan
(TAP)- Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was forced to step down by the military on Thursday after three decades of autocratic power, and moves were...
EU gives May till October for Brexit, seeking clarity
11/04/2019 11:02, Brussels /Belgium
(TAP)- European Union leaders gave Britain six more months to leave the bloc, more than Prime Minister Theresa May says she needs but less than many...
Fighting in Libyan capital kills 56: United Nations
11/04/2019 11:00, Tripoli /Libya
(TAP) - Fighting between eastern Libyan forces and troops loyal to the Tripoli government has killed 56 people in the capital, the United Nations...
Turkey president says Istanbul election irregularities should lead to annulment
10/04/2019 10:19, ISTANBUL/Turkey
(TAP) - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said irregularities in Istanbul's local elections, such as the appointment of ballot box officials, should...
German police raid Islamic organisations over suspected Hamas support
10/04/2019 10:16, Berlin/Germany
(TAP) - German police on Wednesday raided offices belonging to Islamic organisations suspected of financing the Palestinian militant group Hamas,...
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