Suspected Islamists kill at least 19 in latest east Congo attack
28/11/2019 10:00, Oicha/Congo
(TAP) - Suspected Islamist rebels have killed at least 19 people in east Congo, an official said on Wednesday, the latest in a series of attacks...
Colombians march in second national strike as week of protest rolls on
28/11/2019 09:59, Bogota/Colombia
(TAP) - Colombian unions and student groups held their second national strike in less than a week on Wednesday to honor a dead demonstrator and...
French police start moving migrants from northern Paris site
28/11/2019 09:59, Paris/France
(TAP) - French police started moving migrants from an illegal camp site in northern Paris on Thursday, as the government aims to show it is taking a...
At least 8 Iraqis killed as security forces open fire on protesters in south
28/11/2019 09:58, Baghdad/Iraq
(TAP) - At least eight Iraqi anti-government protesters were killed early on Thursday as security forces opened fire to disperse a demonstration in...
Turkey says car bomb kills 17 near Syria's Ras al Ain
27/11/2019 10:09, Ras al Ain/Syrian Arab Republic
(TAP) - A car bomb killed 17 people near a Syrian border town seized by Turkish-backed forces last month, Turkey's Defence Ministry said on Tuesday,...
Floods kill at least 39 in Congo's capital Kinshasa
27/11/2019 10:09, Kinshasa/Congo
(TAP) - At least 39 people died in flooding on Tuesday in Kinshasa, the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo, following torrential rains overnight...
Six killed in three separate Baghdad explosions -sources
27/11/2019 10:08, Baghdad/Iraq
(TAP) - At least six people were killed and 15 wounded in Baghdad in three separate explosions on Tuesday, Iraqi security and medical sources...
Powerful quake kills 21 in Albania as buildings bury residents
27/11/2019 10:08, Tirana/Albania
(TAP) - At least 21 people were killed when the most powerful earthquake to strike Albania in decades shook the capital Tirana and the country's west...
Two killed in Congo after protesters torch U.N. buildings over massacre
26/11/2019 10:13, Beni/Congo
(TAP) - Two people were killed in clashes with police in eastern Congo on Monday after protesters in the town of Beni set fire to the mayor's office...
Police in Georgia use water cannon to disperse protesters outside parliament
26/11/2019 10:13, Tbilissi/Georgia
(TAP) - Riot police used water cannon to disperse protesters near Georgia's parliament on Tuesday and detained several activists, hours after...
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