2019 Presidential Race: Mohsen Marzouk campaigns in Mejel Bel Abbès
12/09/2019 20:39, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- Candidate for the early presidential election, Mohsen Marzouk visited Thursday Mejel Bel Abbès, in Kasserine as part of his presidential campaign.

He said that the regions, which represent the future of Tunisia, have the right to reinvest part of their wealth locally through the creation of development poles.

Marzouk, who represents the "Machrou Tounes" movement, said that only the decentralisation of power can promote equity between regions, especially since power leads to enrichment, underlining the need to impose the decentralisation of power in the regions to bring about the expected change and reduce the gap between the governorates.

In a statement to TAP, he promised, if elected, to make state land available to young people and to find solutions to the problems facing the internal governorates, particularly in the fields of agriculture and water. The aim, he said, was to set up seawater desalination projects, using renewable energies and nuclear energy, as well as a long-term (10 or 20 years) national strategy in this area.

He also intends to propose a Euro-Mediterranean labour market project, which should help to mobilise jobs for the Tunisian unemployed, he said, noting that 200 thousand jobs are available in eastern Libya, provided that maritime lines are opened between the Tunisian ports of Zarzis, Sfax, or Gabes and the Libyan port of Benghazi.

He called on his supporters in Majel Bel Abbès' delegation and all citizens to elect the President of the new Tunisia on the basis of logic and interest.

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