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Tunis Afrique Presse is the national press agency of Tunisia.

Founded on January 1st 1961, TAP is a public service and the first official source of news in Tunisia.

It provides coverage of political, economic, social, cultural and sports activities in all objectivity, neutrality and reliability.

The news agency broadcasts more than 100 thousand dispatches per year in three languages (Arabic, French and English) covering national and international news. 
It provides services in several formats: text, photo, video, computer graphics, and produces more than 50 thousand photos per year.

TAP has a photo library containing more than one and a half million archive photos dating back to the pre-independence era, i.e. the 50s of the last century. 
It also has a documentation archive containing more than 12 thousand press files and 2500 biographies of Tunisian personalities, on paper and digital media available to customers and researchers.

In addition to the newsletters offered to subscribers, the agency also provides national and international news to the public through the TAP Info service via SMS.

Thanks to its journalists, reporters, photographers, videographers, documentalists and its network of correspondents across the Tunisian territory, TAP provides reliable, verified and neutral news, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

TAP news agency also has cooperation agreements with Arab and international press agencies.

TAP Structure 
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Photos and Documentation Department
External Relations Department 
Human Resources and Financial Affairs Department
Internal Audit Department 
Management Control Sub-Department 
Commercial Affairs Department 
IT Department 
Technical Department



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