Current energy situation requires "adjusting" fuel prices (Minister)
02/08/2022 16:55, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The current energy situation in the country, marked by soaring oil prices on the international market, requires "adjusting" fuel prices,...
Saied, Bouden discuss outcome of audit on grants and loans obtained by Tunisia since 2011
01/08/2022 20:04, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The outcome of the audit on the grants and loans obtained by Tunisia since 2011 was at the heart of a meeting between President Kais Saied...
Over 2,626,000 tourists visit Tunisia until July 20 (Minister)
01/08/2022 18:05, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP)- Some 2,626,000 tourists have visited Tunisia from the beginning of the year until July 20, up 113%, compared to the same period in 2021. ...
FAO: Tunis hosts regional workshop on plant protection in MENA
01/08/2022 16:40, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - A regional workshop on plant protection in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), kicked off, Monday in Tunis, with the participation of...
Decision to ban single-use plastic in Djerba comes into force Monday, August 1
31/07/2022 19:29, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The government decision to ban single-use plastic in Djerba, will enter into force from Monday, August 1, 2022, after a joint decision of the...
Average expenditure per capita in Tourism sector estimated at TND1,110 (INS)
29/07/2022 14:14, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The average expenditure per capita in the tourism sector in Tunisia is estimated at about TND1,110 i.e. 345 €, based on the years 2018 and...
Tunisia expected to secure IMF deal in 2nd half of 2022 (Fitch Ratings)
29/07/2022 10:37, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP)- Fitch Ratings pointed out on Thursday that it still expects Tunisia to secure an IMF deal in the second half of 2022. Nonetheless, risks to an...
Cabinet meeting on startups calls for increasing women's contribution in this area 
28/07/2022 21:53, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - A cabinet meeting held Thursday at the Government Palace in Kasbah called for diversifying the sectors and fields of investment of startups...
Cabinet meeting adopts draft economic and social decrees
28/07/2022 21:31, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - Draft decrees and presidential decrees of an economic and social nature were adopted Thursday during a cabinet meeting held at the Government...
UN Special Rapporteur calls on Tunisian government to give top priority to drinking water 
28/07/2022 19:33, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation, called on the Tunisian government on Thursday in Tunis to...
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