Bouderbala sends condolences message to his Iranian counterpart following death of President Ebrahim Raisi
20/05/2024 16:26, TUNIS/Tunisia
May 20, 2024 (TAP) - Speaker of the Assembly of People's Representatives, Brahim Bouderbala, sent a message of condolences to his Iranian counterpart...
Eight political parties call for withdrawal of Decree-Law 54
20/05/2024 16:17, TUNIS/Tunisia
Tunis, May 20 (TAP) - Eight opposition political parties have strongly condemned the recent arrests of radio and television columnists and lawyers...
HAICA, prosecutor's office: which role? [Upd 1]
20/05/2024 16:09, TUNIS/Tunisia
Tunis, May 20 (TAP)- In its capacity as an audiovisual regulator, the Independent High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (French: HAICA) has...
Tunisia offers condolences on death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi [Upd 1]
20/05/2024 10:29, TUNIS/Tunisia
Tunis, May 20 (TAP)- Tunisia Monday offered condolences to the Iranian leadership and people on the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. "It...
President's supporters rally in Tunis against foreign interference [Upd 1]
19/05/2024 17:07, TUNIS/Tunisia
Tunis, May 19 (TAP) - A large number of citizens staged a rally in front of the Municipal Theatre in Tunis, followed by a march along the Habib...
ISIE starts updating electoral register, on May 20
19/05/2024 11:40, TUNIS/Tunisia
Tunis, May 19 (TAP) - The Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE) announced that the operation to update the electoral register will start on...
"Unit 14 of Sfax Air Base is pioneer in training of pilot officers" (Statement)
18/05/2024 18:56, TUNIS/Tunisia
Tunis, May 18 (TAP) - Unit 14 at Sfax Air Base has the most advanced equipment and has great capabilities in training pilot officers, said commander...
Sfax military training center receives, on May 22, its first class of enlisted soldiers
18/05/2024 18:08, TUNIS/Tunisia
Tunis, May 18 (TAP) - The Military Training Center of the Sfax Air Base will receive, on May 22, the first promotion of soldiers engaged for the...
Deadline for presidential election should not exceed October 23, 2024, says ISIE Board member
18/05/2024 15:46, TUNIS/Tunisia
Tunis, May 18 (TAP)-The deadline for holding the presidential election should not exceed October 23, 2024, according to the constitutional deadlines,...
Irregular migration: Search underway for 23 missing persons
18/05/2024 15:00, TUNIS/Tunisia
Tunis, May 18 (TAP)- Joint National Guard and Coast Guard units are actively searching for 23 missing people from various Tunisian regions who had...
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