Jendouba: body of shepherd from Melloula found
11/09/2019 20:06, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) – The body of a shepherd, who went missing on Tuesday, was found by National Guard units and forest guards, on Wednesday in Tabarka,...
Irregular migration attempt thwarted in Teboulba
10/09/2019 10:37, TEBOULBA/Tunisia
(TAP) – An irregular migration attempt to reach Italy fromp the coasts of Teboulba, involving 31 youths aged between 20 and 35 from Ouardanine, was...
Mayor of Chebba resigns
09/09/2019 19:37, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - Mayor of Chebba, Mahdia governorate, Houssine Nassri, on Monday, submitted his resignation to the City Council, in response to a request...
Individual who stabbed tourist policeman in Tozeur, arrested (IM)
08/09/2019 19:36, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The security units of Tozeur arrested an individual suspected of belonging to a Takfiri movement and having stabbed a tourist policeman,...
Three killed in road accident in Sidi Bouzid
08/09/2019 15:18, SIDI BOUZID/Tunisia
(TAP) – Three persons were killed in a road accident Sunday at dawn, at the level of the northern ring road of Sidi Bouzid city. The three victims...
Mayor of Bir Lahmar in Tataouine resigns
07/09/2019 12:19, TATAOUINE/Tunisia
(TAP) - Mayor of Bir Lahmar Mabrouk Montassar (independent list) announced Saturday that he had submitted his resignation to the governor of...
Gabes Port: activity picks up as phosphate export recovers
04/09/2019 17:46, GABES/Tunisia
(TAP) – Forty four commercial cargo vessels docked in the commercial port of Gabes in August 2019, i.e. "the highest figure recorded by the Port...
Some 4 Kalashnikov rifles and 3 explosive belts dismantled in Haidra proactive security operation
02/09/2019 16:04, KASSERINE/Tunisia
(TAP) - Units of the National Guard and the Army in Kasserine seized four Kalashnikov rifles and dismantled three explosive belts at the end of the...
Three terrorists killed in exchange of fire with national guards in Hidra, Kasserine
02/09/2019 11:01, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - Three terrorists were killed on Monday morning in Hidra (governorate of Kasserine) in an exchange of fire with National Guard units,...
Earth tremor of 3.72 degrees registered in Sakiet Sidi Youssef
01/09/2019 15:38, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - An earth tremor measuring 3.72 degrees on the Richter scale was registered on Sunday at 00.15 a.m. (local time) in the Sakiet Sidi Youssef...
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