Turkey says Kurdish militia kills soldier in northeast Syria despite ceasefire
20/10/2019 10:34, Ankara/Turkey
(TAP)- One Turkish soldier was killed and another was wounded on Sunday after an attack by the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia in northeast Syria’s Tel...
Hong Kong police, protesters exchange tear gas, petrol bombs
20/10/2019 10:23, Hong Kong /China
(TAP)- Hong Kong police fired tear gas at protesters throwing petrol bombs on Sunday as thousands staged an illegal march through the Kowloon...
Johnson sends unsigned letter to EU asking for Brexit delay
20/10/2019 10:16, London /United Kingdom
(TAP)- Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent an unsigned letter to the European Union requesting a delay to Britain’s exit from the bloc but added...
Surprise Syria truce hinged on Turkey's deadline demand-top official
19/10/2019 10:14, ANKARA/Turkey
(TAP) - The surprise deal to suspend Turkey's military offensive against Kurdish-led forces in Syria hinged on President Tayyip Erdogan's demand that...
Protests sweep Lebanon as fury at ruling elite grows over economic corruption
19/10/2019 10:13, BEIRUT/Lebanon
(TAP) - Security forces fired tear gas and chased down protesters in Beirut on Friday after tens of thousands of people across Lebanon marched to...
Barcelona rocked by violence on fifth day of separatist protests
19/10/2019 10:13, BARCELONA/Spain
(TAP) - Hundreds of protesters battled police in the heart of Barcelona on Friday, setting up fiery barricades and hurling rocks at security forces...
Kremlin wants information from Turkey about Syria deal with U.S. - RIA
18/10/2019 10:32, Moscow/Russian Federation
(TAP) - The Kremlin said late on Thursday it expected to receive information from Turkey after Ankara agreed a deal with the United States to halt...
Trump defends Middle East policy, says Islamic State is under control
18/10/2019 10:28, Texas/United States
(TAP) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday defended his Middle East policy, as he comes under bipartisan criticism over his administration's...
Japan won't join U.S. coalition to protect Middle East shipping, will send own force
18/10/2019 10:01, Tokyo /Japan
(TAP) - Japan said on Friday it will not join any U.S. coalition to protect merchant vessels in Middle Eastern waterways, but will instead send a...
N.Ireland's DUP says: We cannot support Brexit deal as it stands
17/10/2019 10:34, LONDON/United Kingdom
(TAP) - Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party said on Thursday it could not support the Brexit deal being proposed by Prime Minister Boris...
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