Turkey says air strike hit Syria convoy, killed three
20/08/2019 12:05, Ankara /Turkey
(TAP) - Turkey said an air strike on a Turkish military convoy in northwest Syria killed three civilians and wounded 12 on Monday as Syrian troops...
Over 100 civilians wounded in bombings in eastern Afghanistan
20/08/2019 11:54, Jalalabad/Afghanistan
(TAP) - The number of people wounded in multiple bomb blasts in the Afghan city of Jalalabad has risen to 123, officials said on Tuesday, a day after...
Authorities make more arrests in Indian Kashmir to deter protests
20/08/2019 11:51, Srinagar/India
(TAP) - Security forces detained 30 people overnight in Indian Kashmir's main city of Srinagar, local officials said on Tuesday, seeking to keep a...
Islamic State claims Afghan wedding blast as families bury dead
19/08/2019 12:40, Kabul/Afghanistan
(TAP) - Islamic State claimed responsibility on Sunday for a suicide blast at a wedding reception in Afghanistan that killed 63 people. The Sunni...
Israel fires on militants at Gaza border, Palestinians say three killed
19/08/2019 12:31, Gaza/Palestine
(TAP) - Israeli forces opened fire at a group of Palestinian gunmen as they tried to cross the Gaza border, the military said on Sunday and...
Police regain control in Indonesia's Papua region after protests
19/08/2019 12:26, Papua/Indonesia
(TAP) - Indonesia's police chief said on Monday that authorities in the easternmost Papua region were regaining control after protesters set fire to...
Turkish police detain 418 people in Kurdish militant probe
19/08/2019 12:00, Ankara/Turkey
(TAP) - Turkish police detained 418 people in 29 provinces in an investigation targeting suspects with links to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)...
UK faces food, fuel and drug shortages, says contested leaked document
18/08/2019 18:00, London/United Kingdom
(TAP) - Britain will face shortages of fuel, food and medicine if it leaves the European Union without a transition deal, according to leaked...
Iran says U.S. move on north Syria safe zone is "provocative"
18/08/2019 15:29, Dubai/United Arab Emirates
(TAP) - A U.S. agreement to set up a safe zone in northern Syria, a close ally of Iran, is "provocative and worrisome", the Iranian foreign ministry...
Sudan opposition coalition appoints five civilian members of sovereign council
18/08/2019 15:27, Khartoum/Sudan
(TAP) - Sudan's opposition coalition on Sunday named five people as civilian members of the country's sovereign council to be sworn in on Monday, a...
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