EU welcomes North Korean move on nuclear tests, urges denuclearisation
21/04/2018 10:21, BRUSSELS/Belgium
(TAP) - The European Union's foreign affairs chief said on Saturday that North Korea's announcement to stop nuclear tests was a positive step and...
Iran vows "expected and unexpected" moves if US exits deal
21/04/2018 10:19, DUBAI/United Arab Emirates
(TAP) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday Iran's atomic agency was ready with "expected and unexpected" reactions if the United...
Insurgents south of Syrian capital surrender, says state TV
20/04/2018 11:09, BEIRUT /Lebanon
(TAP) - Insurgents in the last area outside the Syrian government's control near Damascus agreed to surrender on Friday, state media said, after a...
Man linked to 9/11 attacks on U.S. captured in Syria
20/04/2018 10:34, WASHINGTON/United States
(TAP) - A man linked to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, who was said to have praised "violent jihad," was captured in Syria by...
Russia says hard to know if Syria's borders will remain as they are
20/04/2018 10:18, MOSCOW/Russian Federation
(TAP) - Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Friday Russia did not know how the situation in Syria would evolve in terms of the country...
U.S. calls for keeping up pressure on North Korea ahead of summit
19/04/2018 10:30, GENEVA/Swaziland
(TAP) - The United States will be looking for support at a meeting on a landmark treaty banning the spread of nuclear weapons "to continue to put...
Saudi Arabia says two al Qaeda militants killed in Yemen
19/04/2018 10:30, RIYADH/Saudi Arabia
(TAP) - Coalition-backed forces killed two al Qaeda militants in Yemen in a raid in the southern province of Abyan on Wednesday, the Saudi government...
Jihadists given 48 hours to surrender enclave near Damascus
19/04/2018 10:29, BEIRUT/Lebanon
(TAP) - Islamic State militants have been given 48 hours to agree to withdraw from an enclave they control south of Damascus, the pro-Syrian...
Russian news agencies say US told Moscow no new sanctions for now
18/04/2018 10:20, MOSCOW/Russian Federation
(TAP) - Russian news agencies reported on Wednesday that President Donald Trump's administration had informed the Russian embassy in Washington that...
Red Cross team up to tackle chronic diseases in conflict zones
18/04/2018 10:18, COPENHAGEN/Denmark
(TAP) - Danish drugmaker Novo Nordisk and aid agency Red Cross have teamed up to try to improve the treatment of chronic diseases among the millions...
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