Death toll from Brazil downpours rises to 46; more rain forecast
22/02/2023 09:01, Sao Paulo/Brazil
(TAP) - The death toll from heavy rains that devastated coastal areas of Brazil's southeastern Sao Paulo state rose to 46 people on Tuesday,...
Ancient bodies found in Mexico City show shared Catholic, pre-Hispanic graves
22/02/2023 09:00, Mexico City/Mexico
(TAP) - The remains of 28 human bodies buried at least four hundred years ago in Mexico indicate the comingling of pre-Hispanic and Catholic cultures...
Death toll rises after fresh earthquake hits Turkey-Syria border
21/02/2023 09:32, Antakya/Turkey
(TAP) - Six people were killed in an earthquake which struck the border region of Turkey and Syria, CNN Turk reported on Tuesday, two weeks after a...
Death toll from Brazil rains hits 40
21/02/2023 09:32, Sao Sebastiao/Brazil
(TAP) - The death toll from devastating rainfall in southeastern Brazil rose to 40 on Monday, official figures showed, as President Luiz Inacio Lula...
Bus carrying migrants in Mexico crashes, killing 17
21/02/2023 09:32, Mexico City/Mexico
(TAP) - A bus carrying migrants from Venezuela, Colombia and Central America crashed in central Mexico, killing 17 people, officials in Puebla state...
Belarus to form 100,000-150,000 strong volunteer military force
21/02/2023 09:31, Belarus/Russian Federation
(TAP) - Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Monday he had ordered the formation of a new volunteer territorial defence so everyone...
N.Korea fires two more missiles into its 'firing range' of the Pacific
20/02/2023 08:55, Pyongyang/ Democratic People's Republic of Korea
(TAP) - North Korea launched two more ballistic missiles off its east coast on Monday, with the powerful sister of leader Kim Jong Un saying...
Russia says 680 Ukrainian officials charged with war crimes - TASS
20/02/2023 08:54, Moscow/Russian Federation
(TAP) - Russia has charged 680 Ukrainian officials, including 118 members of the armed forces and defence ministry with breaking laws governing the...
36 people killed as Brazil rains cause calamity
20/02/2023 08:54, Sao Paulo/Brazil
(TAP) - Heavy rains in coastal areas of Brazil's southeast have caused flooding and landslides that killed 36 people and dislodged hundreds of...
Australian university professor taken hostage in highlands of Papua New Guinea - Prime Minister
20/02/2023 08:53, Sydney/Australia
(TAP) - An Australian university professor has been taken hostage in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea's prime minister has...
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