China's military says US warship illegally entered waters in South China Sea
23/03/2023 09:12, Beijing/China
(TAP) - China's military said on Thursday it had monitored and driven away a U.S. destroyer that illegally entered waters around the Paracel Islands...
Earthquake in Afghanistan kills at least 13
23/03/2023 09:11, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/Pakistan
(TAP) - At least 13 people were killed and more than 90 injured in Pakistan and Afghanistan after a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck late on Tuesday,...
Three killed in Russian drone strikes on Kyiv region
22/03/2023 08:54, Kyiv/Ukraine
(TAP) - Three people were killed and another seven wounded in overnight Russian drone strikes on the Kyiv region, Ukrainian officials said on...
Israeli air strike targets Syria's Aleppo airport vicinity - Syrian ministry
22/03/2023 08:54, Aleppo/Syrian Arab Republic
(TAP) - An Israeli air strike targeted the vicinity of Syria's Aleppo airport causing some "material damage" to it on Wednesday, the Syrian defence...
Tanzania detects its first-ever cases of the highly fatal Marburg viral disease
22/03/2023 08:52, Dar es Salaam/Tanzania, United Republic of
(TAP) - Tanzania has confirmed its first-ever cases of Marburg, a high-fatality viral hemorrhagic fever with symptoms broadly similar to those of...
Dozens arrested in French protests after government survives no-confidence vote
21/03/2023 09:55, Paris/France
(TAP) - Dozens of people were arrested across France after sporadic protests broke out hours after President Emmanuel Macron's government narrowly...
New York City braces for Trump indictment after ex-president urges protests
21/03/2023 09:48, New York/United States
(TAP) - Workers erected barricades around a Manhattan courthouse on Monday as New York City braced for a possible indictment of Donald Trump over an...
Ukraine says missiles blown up in annexed Crimea, Russia says civilians targeted
21/03/2023 09:45, Kyiv/Ukraine
(TAP) - Ukraine's defence ministry said on Monday that an explosion in Dzhankoi in the north of the Crimean peninsula destroyed Russian cruise...
Residents call for clean-up after mass fish death in Australia
20/03/2023 09:48, Menindee/Australia
(TAP) - Residents in a remote Australian town are calling for authorities to act promptly and begin a clean-up, after hundreds of thousands of dead...
Colombian president suspends ceasefire with criminal group
20/03/2023 09:46, Bogota/Colombia
(TAP) - Colombian President Gustavo Petro on Sunday said he had suspended a ceasefire with the Clan del Golfo, the country's largest criminal...
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