North Korea agrees to talks after U.S.-South Korea military drills are postponed
05/01/2018 10:27, Seoul/Republic of Korea
(TAP)-North Korea agreed on Friday to hold official talks with the South next week, the first in more than two years, hours after the United States...
One tourist killed, 12 injured in air balloon crash in Egypt
05/01/2018 10:19, Cairo/Egypt
(TAP)- A tourist was killed and 12 other people injured when a hot air balloon carrying tourists of various nationalities crashed near Luxor in...
Ethiopia says it will free all political prisoners
04/01/2018 10:29, Addis Ababa /Ethiopia
(TAP)- Ethiopia’s prime minister has announced that political prisoners will be released and a prison camp notorious for torture closed,...
Japan faces greatest danger since World War due to North Korea: PM
04/01/2018 10:14, Tokyo/Japan
(TAP)- The security situation facing Japan is the most perilous since World War Two because of North Korea’s “unacceptable” provocations, Prime...
Norway suspends arms sales to UAE over Yemen war
03/01/2018 11:28, Oslo /Norway
(TAP) - Norway has suspended exports of weapons and ammunition to the United Arab Emirates over concerns they could be used in the war in Yemen, the...
North Korea reopens border hotline as Trump boasts of 'bigger' nuclear button
03/01/2018 10:46, Seoul/Republic of Korea
(TAP)- North Korea reopened a long-closed border hotline with South Korea on Wednesday, hours after U.S. President Donald Trump appeared to mock the...
Palestinians condemn Trump aid halt threat
03/01/2018 10:36, Ramallah /Palestine
(TAP)- Palestinians condemned as blackmail on Wednesday U.S. President Donald Trump’s threat to withhold future aid payments over what he called the...
Iran's leader says enemies have stirred unrest in country
02/01/2018 14:05, Tehran /Iran, Islamic Republic of
(TAP)- Iran’s Supreme Leader on Tuesday accused enemies of the Islamic Republic of stirring unrest across the country as a crackdown intensified...
South Korea offers talks with defiant North ahead of Olympics
02/01/2018 13:57, Seoul/Republic of Korea
(TAP)- South Korea on Tuesday offered talks with North Korea amid a standoff over its weapons programs, a day after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un...
North Korea's Kim says 'open to dialogue' with South, will only use nukes if threatened
01/01/2018 12:47, Seoul/Republic of Korea
(TAP) -Kim Jong Un on Monday warned the United States that he has a “nuclear button” on his desk ready for use if North Korea is threatened, but...
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