Switzerland says 90 states, organisations signed up for Ukraine summit
10/06/2024 09:43, Bern/Switzerland
(TAP) - Ninety states and organisations have so far registered to take part in a summit aiming to pave the way for peace in Ukraine that Switzerland...
Hamas official urges US to pressure Israel to end Gaza war
10/06/2024 09:38, Gaza/Palestine
(TAP) - A senior Hamas official urged the United States on Monday to pressure Israel to end the war in Gaza, ahead of the planned visit on Monday by...
US military confirms Houthi missile strikes on two ships in Gulf of Aden
10/06/2024 09:29, Aden/Yemen
(TAP) - Yemen's Houthi damaged two commercial vessels in missile attacks in the Gulf of Aden in the last 24 hours as part of the militia group's...
Nine Hindu pilgrims dead in India's Jammu after militant attack, police say
09/06/2024 18:00, Jammu /India
(TAP) - At least nine people were killed and 33 injured when a bus carrying Hindu pilgrims plunged into a deep gorge after a suspected militant...
Hospital in Sudan's al-Fashir shut after attack, aid group says
09/06/2024 18:00, al-Fashir /Sudan
(TAP) - The main hospital in Sudan's al-Fashir city has been attacked and put out of service, Doctors Without Borders (MSF), which supports the...
Iran approves six candidates to run for president - State TV
09/06/2024 14:27, Tehran/Iran, Islamic Republic of
(TAP) - Iran's Guardian Council, which oversees elections and legislation, has approved six candidates to run for president in snap elections to be...
Bulgaria holds another snap election
09/06/2024 14:27, Sofia/Bulgaria
(TAP) - Bulgarians head to the polls on Sunday for their sixth parliamentary election in three years, but analysts say the vote is unlikely to yield...
274 Palestinians killed in Saturday's strikes on Nuseirat camp, Gaza health ministry says
09/06/2024 12:16, Gaza/Palestine
(TAP) - At least 274 Palestinians were killed and 698 wounded in Israeli strikes on the al-Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza on Saturday, Gaza's...
37,084 Palestinians and 84,494 injured in Israel's military offensive on Gaza -Gaza health ministry
09/06/2024 10:51, Gaza /Palestine
(TAP)- 37,084 Palestinians were killed and 84,494 injured in Israel's military offensive on Gaza since Oct. 7, according to the Gaza health ministry....
European Parliament poised for rightward shift after final voting
09/06/2024 09:51, Brussels/Belgium
(TAP) - Voters in 21 EU countries including France and Germany will conclude a four-day election for the European Parliament on Sunday, which is...
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