World Wildlife Fund calls on Tunisians to join efforts to ban plastic bags
26/02/2020 19:27, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The World Wildlife Fund for Nature North Africa (WWF NA), on Wednesday, called on Tunisian citizens to join the effort to ban the use of plastic bags, which comes into effect from March 1, 2020, by promoting the use of reusable fabric bags.

It recalled that this date is provided for in Decree 32-2020 of January 16, 2020, relating to the prohibition of free distribution of single-use plastic bags, whose thickness is less than forty microns in public and private commercial spaces and pharmacies.

"Banning plastic bags is also an opportunity to upgrade our baskets and promote our crafts and our heritage," director of WWF NA, Faouzi Maamouri stressed, calling for "rethinking the packaging habits of food products, by opting for environmentally friendly packaging.

He also invited traders and business owners, consumers and producers to comply with this new procedure, to help reduce ecological footprints and preserve the environment for the present and future generations.

Tunisia, 13th producer of plastic products in Mediterranean region

According to the report "Stopping the Flood of Plastic" published by WWF in June 2019, nearly 33,800 plastic bottles are dumped into the Mediterranean Sea every minute. Tunisia, the 13th largest producer of plastic products in the Mediterranean region, is a major contributor.

Tunisia's coastal activities are also responsible for 78% (6,700 tonnes) of the plastic inputs into the sea, resulting from poor urban waste management practices, tourism and leisure activities.

The Tunisian coast is home to 78% of the Tunisian population, 87% of industrial activity and 80% of tourism activity.
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